Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Marcasite Jewelry

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Made from Pyrite, also known as Fool's Gold, Marcasite jewelry is one of the prettiest class of jewelry available on the vintage market.  Known since ancient times, Marcasite jewelry is often set to a sterling base and in Art Nouveau designs.  Marcasite jewelry is made from many, many small stones of Pyrite, a form of iron disulphide, cut into facets that make the jewelry sparkle and shimmer.

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Made popular by Queen Victoria when she wore it, along w/her mourning clothing, after the death of her husband, Marcasite jewelry often has a Victorian flaire.  Designs range from lockets and flowing brooches, to figurals and animals.

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Generally speaking, more modern pieces have glued in stones, while older pieces are hand set w/in the base of the jewelry.  When shopping for Marcasite jewelry, it's best to choose marked pieces to ensure quality and grade of base silver.

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Pyrite, metaphysically speaking, is associated with the Zodiac sign, Leo, and has calming, healing, balancing properties.  True Marcasite, on the other hand, is another form of iron disulphide, but it's structure is more brittle and less stable for jewelry making.  Marcasite and Pyrite, as metallic stones, are also thought to bring one financial fortune.

On the left: Marcasite; on the right: Pyrite
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kenneth J. Lane for Avon ~ Undersea: Ways to Wear

Kenneth J. Lane is known for quality, creativity, and collectibility - and this demi parure, out of the end of last century, is no exception - done for Avon as part of their 1989 line, and known as Undersea, this fantastic pendant/necklace combination is executed w/2 stunning, marbled coral, beaded strands - accented w/a golden shell that is decorated w/crystal rhinestone chatons, this set is absolutely spectacular!

Several sellers online have the original paperwork for this set and it shows that this jewelry can be worn 6 different ways.

Pictured is the torsade, the torsade w/shell focal, the simple necklace, the lariat, and the dangling pendant.

Not pictured is the use of the shell focal as a scarf slide.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Vintage Alfred Meakin Greenwood Sandwich Serving Platter

I'm a big fan of old English pottery and porcelain, and often thought of adding this piece to my own collection.  This tray is perfect for fall and winter holidays, and family gathers - great for finger or kiddie sandwiches.

Vintage English Dinnerware by Alfred Meakin

Description ~ out of the Land of England, and from the middle of last century, comes to you this fabulous serving tray by Alfred Meakin - done in the retired Greenwood pattern, this piece is decorated w/a lovely bouquet of oak leaves, acorns, and wheat berries - all set on creamy, white porcelain and finished w/an olive green, scalloped rim, this oval serving platter is a hard to find piece, highly collectible, displays wonderfully, and is perfect for set matching and completion!

Measurements ~ approximately 12.5" long x 7.5" wide

Dates ~ marked w/a post-war mark - c1945

Hallmarks ~ underglaze stamp in green - "Alfred Meakin England N106 Catering" - please see pictures

Condition ~ Excellent: this piece shows little evidence of age or use (outside manufacturing flaws listed in the pictures) and displays wonderfully! Chip/flake free; shelf wear minimal; use marks minimal.

If interested, this piece can be purchased in my store or at a discounted price through my blog (US only please)

Vintage Noritake Japan 3 Pc Pagoda Mayo Bowl Dish Ladle

Dinnerware by Noritake

Description ~ out of 1920s Japan comes to you this quite striking 3 piece mayo set by Noritake ~ done w/stunning luminescent & brilliant orange colors that highlight panels of pagodas and florals, this bowl has 3 feet and all pieces are on dreamy, white porcelain ~ simply fantastic and perfect for set matching & completion!

Measurements ~ ladle ~ approximately 5" long; mayo bowl ~ approximately 2" tall x 4.5" wide; underplate ~ approximately 5 3/8"

Dates ~ c1918~1921

Markings ~ marked ~ "Noritake Hand Painted Made in Japan" with the red M in Wreath mark ~ please see pictures

Condition ~ Excellent ~ this piece show little evidence of age or use and is chip/flake free ~ shelf wear is minimal if any.

If interested, this piece can be purchased in my store here, or at a discounted price via my blog (US only)

Vintage Wedgwood Meadow Square Handled Cake Plate


Vintage Serviceware from England

Description ~ out of the beginning of last century, and from the famous House of Wedgwood, comes to you this fabulous, and very nostalgic, cake server - done in creamy porcelain and decorated w/a lovely, central bouquet of flowers, this square, handled cake plate is finished w/darling ribbing and a nice, braided edge - the pattern is known as Meadow or Cavalier (pattern #TK422) - this piece is highly collectible, displays absolutely wonderfully, and is perfect for set matching and completion!

Measurements ~ 1" tall x 9" long x 10" wide

Dates ~ pre-1940 (exact production dates are unknown, but this pattern was retired in 1940)

Hallmarks ~ marked as follows ~ underglaze stamp in red that reads "Meadow Wedgwood EDME Made in England U.S.A. Des. Patent 61298 T.K.422" and an inmould stamped that reads "4U48"

Condition ~ Excellent ~ although there are a few nicks and glaze pops on the rim due to age and use, this piece is still in outstanding condition and very useable today; otherwise, this piece chip/flake free; shelf wear minimal; use marks minimal.

If interested, this piece can be purchased in my store here, or at a discounted price via my blog (US only)

Antique/Vintage Moritz Zdekauer Pink Rose Cake Platter Plate

Antique Austrian China

Description ~ out of the turn of last century, and from porcelain House of Moritz Zdekauer, comes to you this exquisite cake serving platter - done on dreamy white porcelain and decorated w/a fantastic arrangement of pink roses, this piece is finished w/gold gilding and a scalloped rim - complete w/2 handles, this platter is absolutely perfect for both use and display!

Altrohlau, from where this piece originally came, is now known as part of the Czech Republic. However, the German Porcelain House of C.M. Hutschenreuther purchased Moritz Zdekauer c1909, which blurs to regions from where this platter originates.

Measurements ~ approximately 12" x 13" handle to handle

Dates ~ c1891-1917

Markings ~ underglaze stamp - "MZ Austria" in green ~ please see pictures
Condition ~ Excellent ~ although there is gold loss commensurate w/use and age, the pattern is in good shape - the piece displays wonderfully and is on the hard to find side. Chip and flake free; shelf wear &/or use marking is minimal.

If interested, this piece can be purchased in my store here, or at a discounted price via my blog (US only)


Vintage West Germany Yellow Daffodil Brooch

Vintage Jewelry from Germany

Description ~ this amazing piece from West German is designed as a daffodil, decorated w/crystal rhinestones, and finished in gold tones - fashioned out of either hard plastic or celluloid, this piece is absolutely fantastic!
Measurements ~ approximately 2.75" x 2.5"

Dates ~ c1970

Markings ~ signed ~ impressed "West Germany 126" on the underside of a petal ~ please see pictures

Condition ~ Excellent: pre-owned vintage ~ with some minor aging to the setting, this jewelry shows little other evidence of age or use - it wears phenomenally! All materials are present, clear, and chip/flake free; the hardware is in good, working order.

If interested, this brooch can be purchased via my Store, or here on my blog at a discounted price.