Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Plagiarism on eBay

I am not sure what makes sellers, especially on eBay, think it's ok to steal someone else's work, be it copy or pictures, and pass it off as their own? Laziness, lack of character, desire to mislead buyers are just a few reasons I can think of.

I am posting this article, because I keep running into sellers who think it's ok to take my original copy from my D&E Studio Girl listing as use it as their own. I am posting my original listing in image form (click on the thumbnail for a larger, more legible version) and will include the list of sellers, and their auctions, who are using my copy w/out permission or notation - who are stealing intellectual property and plagiarizing - both of which are illegal and against venue policy, be it eBay, Ruby Lane, or Etsy.

I am currently dealing w/a seller on eBay who has done what I have described above. While she has apologized, her note back to me stated "I did not consider it stealing just practical but I understand your point". I will list her selling ID and auction number by end of day if she does not remove my original copy from her listing.

I also found a seller on Ruby Plaza plagiarizing my D&E Studio Girl listing, and it took no less than 4 emails to get this seller to remove my original copy and use his own.

I highly caution buyers against purchasing from sellers who steal from others... it speaks to a general lack of character and honor if a seller is willing to pass someone else's work off as their own, which is a good indication of the lack of customer service they will provide to their buyers.

To view my live, original listings, please click here.