Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guide to Necklace Length, Terminology & Definition

Every wonder what name a certain length of necklace is given - below are a few definitions:
  • Collar - or Dog Collar - 12-13" and sits closely around the neck
  • Choker - approximately 14-16" and sits above the collar bones
  • Princess - approximately 17-19" and sits just below the collar bones
  • Matinee - approximately 20-24" and hangs above the cleavage
  • Opera - approximately 25-36" and hangs to the cleavage
  • Sautoir - (also known as Rope) approximately 40"+ and hangs to the waistline
and a Bib Necklace is a layered or multi-strand necklace of variable lengths ranging from choker to opera.

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