Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vintage EAPG 3 Graces Glass Goblet

Description ~ this striking, and large, clear goblet is decorated w/a gorgeous frosted stem in the pattern of three faces - also known as the sisters, the three graces, and the three fates - an EAPG pattern classic! This piece is either the EAPG goblet produced by Gillinder & Sons c1876 or the reproduction produced by LG Wright in the 30s (as it is unmarked, it is definitely not the reproduction produced for the Museum of Modern Art by Imperial) - I am unable to determine its status. It is, however, highly collectible & displays attractively - perfect for collection matching and completion.

Measurements ~ approximately 6.5" tall x 3.25" wide at the opening. Its size makes it the water goblet for the table.

Dates ~ see above

Markings ~ unmarked ~ identified via pattern and shape ~ please see pictures

Condition ~ Excellent ~ this piece shows little evidence of age, use, or wear.
Chip, dent, and flake free; shelf wear &/or use marking is minimal.

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