Friday, June 14, 2013

Vintage Fenton Silvercrest Violets in the Snow Handled Glass Bon Bon


Description ~ this wonderful piece by Fenton is done in milk white glass w/a clear glass rim (known as silvercrest) and decorated w/stunning purple flowers (known as violets in the snow, a design originally by Louise Piper) - deemed ware no. 7498-DV, this piece is finished w/a silverplated handle and was originally used to serve and/or display candies - still of use in a wide varieties of ways today, especially around the holidays, this piece is nothing short of fantastic, is highly collectible, and displays attractively!

Measurements ~ measures approximately 2" tall x 8" wide

Dates ~ c1968-1978 - as there is no in-mould logo on this piece, this particular piece is c1968-1973

Hallmarks ~ artist signed - Decorated by Michael Dickinsen

Condition ~ Excellent ~ there is little evidence of age, use, or wear on this piece and it is chip/flake free; shelf wear &/or use marking is minimal if any.

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